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What is the certification procedure for becoming certified?

Step 1: Check whether there is a National Licenser in your country. If you are located in a country where there is no National Licenser, please proceed with the next steps and get in contact with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you are applying from a country that has a National Licenser, please send it to the relevant country’s contact email available on our website.

Step 2: Select and contract a listed Certification Body.

Step 3: Complete the relevant application form depending on your business model (producer, trader or service provider). The form can be completed electronically with Adobe Reader XI. Once completed, it should be sent to the contracted Certification Body.

Step 4: An inspector from the contracted Certification Body will perform an initial inspection (including all sites), will take a sample for analysis and issue an inspection report based on the findings of the inspection.

Step 5: The independent Certification Body checks if the applying company fulfils with the ENplus® requirements, issues a Conformity Report and submits the document to the applicant as well as to the relevant Scheme Management.

Step 6: If your company fulfils the requirements for certification, the relevant Scheme Management sends an invoice for the license fees based on the projected production/trading figures for the year. The fees will be calculated by applying the fraction of the year remaining to the estimated production/traded amount for the full year.

In case the applying company is the bag design owner, the compliance of the bag design with the ENplus® requirements will have to be approved by the relevant Scheme Management.

Step 7: After the applicant has paid the fees and the bag design has been approved (if applicable), the relevant Scheme Management sends the ENplus® trademark usage toolkit, to the company; the Competent Certification Body provides the certificate. The applying company and the relevant Management sign the ENplus® licensing contract. The company name is then published on all relevant ENplus® websites.

Step 8: The person appointed as the quality manager in your company (your company’s employee) will need to attend the Quality Manager’s training during the first year of certification, and then once every certification period (every 3 years).

With whom to apply if my company is located in a country where there is no ENplus® representative?

If we do not have a National Licenser in your country, you would apply directly with the European Pellet Council (EPC). In this case please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We have also currently 12 active National Licensers in: Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

If your business is located in any of the countries mentioned above, please contact the ENplus® representative of the relevant country and they will help you further with your enquiries. Their contact information is available on our website: ENplus® - National Partners (

How long does the certification process take?

In general, the certification process could take about 2 to 3 months to complete.

The length of it is depending on your business activity (e.g., several plants, several facilities) and the preparedness of the applying company.

How much does the certification cost?

The license fee is 0,18 EUR per tonne produced/traded pellets for non-members of Bioenergy Europe and 0,15 EUR per tonne for the members (see schedule of fees). Additionally, you would have to pay annual administration fee of 250 EUR and also for the services of the involved Certification Body. For the fees of the Certification Body you would need to contact them directly for their availabilities and offers.

Which fuels can be the ENplus® certified?

Only pellets made of woody biomass can be ENplus® certified.

Trademark Protection

How can I identify an ENplus® approved bag design and where can I check it?

On the main menu, click on the “Certifications” button, and then choose the "Producer", "Trader" or "Service provider" tab. Scroll down to see the list of certified companies. Click on the name of the company you are interested in, to see its business model, certified status, address, and approved bag designs. If you click on a bag design, you will be able to see it in detail.

You can also access a company profile through the search bar on the home page by typing in its name or ENplus® ID.

How is the ENplus® seal registered?

The ENplus® logo and the terms “ENplus®” and “ENplus A1®” are registered as International Trademarks (ITMs) under the Madrid Agreement and Protocol by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and as European Union Trademarks (EUTMs) with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

This means that a non-licensed use of the trademark or parts thereof may constitute an infringement of Bioenergy Europe’s intellectual property rights (IPRs). Bioenergy Europe/EPC shall be entitled to prohibit the fraudulent use of the ENplus® logo and marks, as well as to assert claims for compensation where necessary. In addition, we may publish details of this fraudulent use on our Blacklist.

How may the ENplus® seal be used?

The ENplus® seal may only be used in connection with a valid license. The ENplus® Head Office and the National Licensers are the only entities delivering the seal. It may be used, for example, in advertising material and on packaging, but only in direct connection with the certified company for which it has been issued. Here is a recap table:table trademarks 2022

How can I identify an ENplus® certified product?

All communication material (website, flyer, etc.) from a certified company, when referring to ENplus® certified pellets, should contain a valid certification seal. The certified company details shown on the communication material should correspond to the ones shown on the certified producers/traders list.

How can I identify an ENplus® certified company?

All ENplus® certified companies (suspended certificates included) are listed on our website and the list is always kept up to date. Companies that are not listed here are not considered ENplus® certified.

How can I add a new quality class under the ENplus® certification scope?

In order to do this, both the Certification Body and relevant Scheme Management (International Management or National Licenser) would need to be notified. An inspection will then take place to confirm the new class, and if compliance is secured, the scope of certification will be updated and reflected on the ENplus® website.

How can a certified company use ENplus® on its pellet bags?

The ENplus® certification grants certified companies the right to bag their pellets in bags showing the ENplus® logo.

All ENplus® bag designs must be approved by the International Management of ENplus® (EPC) (in countries without any National Management) or the competent National Management before the bags are sold on the market.

All the information about the approval of the bag designs and those requirements can be found in the ENplus® ST 1003.

What is a suspended certificate?

A suspended certificate means that the company is no longer authorised to produce or sell wood pellets using the ENplus® trademark for a period of time. Make sure to check the status of the certificate you are looking up!

Check out this document with Questions & Answers related to the ENplus® revised documentation, requirements and procedures.

What is the scheme revision?

The ENplus® revision is the revision of the scheme requirements. It is a part of ENplus® efforts to constantly meet the needs of the pellet market.

During a revision every opinion is valued and taken into account. An appointed Advisory Committee is responsible for the overall process, as it is composed of various wood pellet stakeholders - from governing and certification bodies to certified companies and end-users organisations. Public consultations were also held during this latest revision of the certification scheme so that every actor on the pellet market had the opportunity to comment on the draft of the new documentation.

Why did the certification scheme undergo a revision?

Every 5 years ENplus® revises its documents based on the experience from the previous years and the growing pellet sector. In general, the revised documents enhance procedures, modifies requirements, and improves the explanations on those requirements.

What are the changes that come with the revision?

We have a detailed list of changes in our brochure which you can download here.

The new documents are also already online. You can find these on our technical documents page.

Must all certified companies re-sign their contracts?

Yes. To keep their licenses active, all certified companies must re-sign their contracts with the ENplus® Head Office or the National Licenser in their country respectively. If they fail to do so, their certification will be impacted.

How much time do the certified companies have to adapt to the new requirements and procedures?

Certified companies will have 1 year from the coming into force of the new documents to comply with any new requirements. In this case, certified companies will have until the end of 2023 to comply with the revision requirements. However, for some requirements such as the introduction of the serial number on the pellet bags, the certified companies will have 2 years to comply.

Avoid suspension, re-sign your contract and check the list of changes!

Any new companies applying after 01.01.2023 will have to comply immediately.

Has the application process changed with the revision?

Yes, the application process has been simplified. The Certification Body will now have complete responsibility for the certification process. This means that the applying companies will no longer be required to independently sign contracts with inspection and testing bodies. The Certification Body will carry out the activities within the process by using its internal resources or by reaching out to external entities (via subcontracting).

How can I submit my Annual Figures?

To submit your Annual Figures, please carefully follow this explanatory video or this tutorial.

How can I change the language of the platform?

You can easily display the language of the Certification platform (Radix Tree). Check out this tutorial!

How can I access my bag design and other relevant documents?

To check your bag design, simply log into the Certification Platform (Radix Tree) and click the arrow on the top right corner of your screen (next to your Name and Company name), then click “Edit company profile”. Go to the tab called “Bag designs”. Once you open it, you will find all the documents related to each specific bag design.

Furthermore, this is the place where you will find any other documents relevant to your company – (such is Conformity Reports, Laboratory Reports, Certificates, ENplus contracts, ENplus seals, etc.) simply explore the other tabs shown.

Can I create an account for another colleague?

Yes. After logging into your account, access the tab “User Details” in the left side. Click the “Add new” and complete the fields. In the field “Choose Role”, it is important to select Domain admin. Then, click the Submit button to save your input. Now the email you submitted must have received an invitation to activate the new account.

For any additional questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As a response to the attack by the Russian military on Ukraine, supported by Belarus, the European Union has put an array of sanctions into place. These greatly impact international trade and travel between Russia, Belarus and EU member states and, of course, the European pellet market. This, in turn, also affects the ENplus® certification scheme. Under the given circumstances, Bioenergy Europe is unable to continue the ENplus® certification scheme in the Russian Federation and Belarus and is therefore impelled to suspend the certified companies in these 2 countries until further notice.

When is the decision on Russia and Belarus’ suspension coming into force?

Bioenergy Europe has decided to suspend all ENplus® certified producers, traders, and service providers based in Russia and Belarus as of 15th April 2022. This means that starting from this date, these companies will not be able to sell or to offer up for sale ENplus® certified pellets as long as the suspension remains, and new applications for certification from these two countries will not be accepted.

What does it mean to be suspended?

The company is no longer considered certified under the ENplus® scheme. Therefore, the company is no longer eligible to use the ENplus® seal and all ENplus® trademarks after the 15th of April. This means that any of the products manufactured and/or sold after the afore mentioned date may no longer be marketed with ENplus® trademarked material.

How long will this decision last?

The suspension decision will remain active until the decision is revoked by Bioenergy Europe. Bioenergy Europe is actively monitoring the current developments. As soon as there are new developments regarding the ENplus® certification scheme, we will inform the certified companies.

I am a certified company located in Russia or Belarus and I have pellets produced before the 15th April, can I sell or offer them for sale as ENplus® certified after the 15th April?

Pellets sold or offered up for sale after the suspension date are no longer certified. They will have to be marketed without any reference to the ENplus® certification. If the pellets are already in bags with theENplus® seal, the seal must be made unrecognizable before sale.

I am a certified trader not located in Russia or Belarus, what happens to pellets bought before the suspension date but still in transit during the suspension decision?

If the goods were bought before the 15th of April, an authorisation may be granted for the certified pellets bought but still in transit after the 15th April 2022. If you are in this scenario, please contact your licenser.

What happens to certificates expiring after the suspension date?

All certificates that expire after the suspension date and are not renewed will result in termination.

Is it possible to postpone the date of suspension?

It is not possible to postpone the date of the suspension.

Can our company use material labeled ENplus® after the suspension date?

The suspended company may no longer refer to the ENplus® certification in any marketing material. After the suspension date, the ENplus® trademark and copyright can no longer be used. Any use of the trademark by a suspended company will be considered as a non-authorised and fraudulent use of the trademark.

Will I be reimbursed for my prepaid 2022 estimations?

The companies that are suspended in the framework of this decision, will be able to request a reimbursement.

updated on March 31st, 2022 at 10:00am