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News 31.08.2022

Be Alert: How to recognise and avoid scams

The ENplus® Management has been receiving a growing number of signals for scams these past few weeks. Therefore, we would like to provide both certified companies and end-users with some pieces of advice on how to protect yourselves and avoid fraud.

Advice for certified companies:

  1. Many fraudsters now replicate websites of certified companies and act on their behalf misleading consumers. If you still haven’t provided us with your official website, please send it to us via email at We will add it to your official profile on our website so your customers will know how to find you.
  2. If you don’t have an official website, give us permission to add your email for sales. Once again, it will help consumers get in touch with you and avoid scammers.
  3. If you have a database of customers, warn them via email or over the phone about potential scam practices from swindlers.
  4. Publish information (banners, warnings) on your website to encourage vigilance.

Advice for pellet consumers:

  1. ALWAYS check your supplier contact details (website/email) in the list of certified companies on our website. Thus, you will know with certainty that you are communicating with the real company.
  2. Don’t pay upfront to unknown suppliers. Choose payment at delivery.
  3. Check the approved bag designs at the profile of the certified company on our website to the very last detail to be sure you are buying certified pellets. Some fraudsters will try to confuse you by replicating almost entirely the bag design of a certified producer or trader.
  4. Be aware of falsified invoices with a replaced bank account. Sometimes, fraudsters use old invoices of the real supplier by simply replacing the bank account to cheat on you.
  5. In case of doubt that you are not communicating with a real certified company, please forward us your correspondence at, so we can check and verify the identity of the company.
  6. In general, don’t give your personal or financial information in response to a request that you didn’t expect.
  7. If you are suspicious about a particular company, check our blacklist to see whether it is not already listed there.
  8. Use this form to report any type of fraud you encounter.